Dr. Kvint’s report on meetings, consultations, and research: January-June 2007

During this period, Dr. Kvint concentrated his research on the economics of the production and distribution of ethanol.

He had lecturing and speaking engagements in Austria (Vienna), Albania (Tirana), Russia (Moscow, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg), Ukraine (Donetsk), and in the United States (Washington, New York, Philadelphia). His major speeches were at the Albanian Academy of Sciences, the Institution of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, American University, LaSalle University, the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Kvint provided consolations to governmental officials and business and banking executives in Austria, Albania, Ukraine, Russia, and in the United States.

He participated at the meetings of Board of Directors at several companies and non-governmental organizations.

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