26th Economic Forum

26th Economic Forum

Europe in the Face of the Challenges of Tomorrow

Krynica Zdroj, Poland

At The Panel Discussion Dr. Kvint presented a keynote speech "Strategy for the Global Market: Theory and Practice"

China well-positioned to create a ‘good economy’

20 June, 2016 Tokyo, Japan

Here I differ with many economists – including my dear friends Joseph Stiglitz, Jean-Paul Fitoussi, and Vladimir Kvint – whose preferred standard is the quality of life. By this they mean mainly ample consumption and ample leisure, together with public goods – for example, clean air, safe food, and safe streets – and civic amenities such as municipal parks and sports stadiums."

A Good Economy for China

17 June, 2016

NEW YORK – Decades of plodding growth together with the 2008 financial crisis have prompted a seismic shift in economic thinking in much of the world. There is talk of moving resources from investment to consumption, from heavy industry to “services,” and from private sector to public sector. But what strikes me is that these arguments focus only on improving the mix of outputs within an economy, with no attention paid to labor.

Bloomberg TV & Radio: Professor Kvint: US Needs to Develop a National Strategy "Taking Stock"

28 March, 2016 Bloomberg Headquarters, New York

GUEST: Dr. Vladimir Kvint, Professor at La Salle University and Moscow State University, on the extreme volatility in the emerging markets, and the need for the US to develop a national strategy.

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