St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2015, Dr. Kvint moderated a panel session "REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY: RELYING ON COMPETITIVENESS"

June 20, 2015
(Right to Left) Dr. Kvint, Minister of Regional Development of Bulgaria Lilyana Pavlova, Prof. Vladimir Shamahov

(Right to Left) Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Mikhail Mokretsov, Prof. Kvint

It is the goal of many countries to create an innovative society and achieve economic competitiveness. Are high living standards a prerequisite for the development of innovations, or are they irrelevant, with other factors coming to the fore? How can a system be built for the strategic development of the country and its regions, taking these two points of view into consideration? How can the interests of business, the public, and the authorities be balanced? How and by what means can economic growth be ensured? Do today’s political conditions promote or impede the attainment of these strategic goals?

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