To the readers of my blog

August, New York


It has been a long time since I have addressed my readers directly and in that time, their number has grown to about 45,000. Throughout the last few years, my professional time was mostly divided between three major activities: writing new books and some articles, teaching students and professionals, and consulting and executive activities in several businesses and nonprofit organizations.
Here are some highlights of the various activities:

1. Writing

The main work I have produced in the sphere of writing is my book, The Global Emerging Market: Strategic Management and Economics, which was published by Routledge, one of the leading publishing houses in the world, simultaneously in New York and London. Later this book was reissued and translated in different countries. This book is my major contribution to the General Theory of Strategy and Theory of the Global Emerging Market, produced as a result of my 40 years of research.

It was very difficult for me to find the time to put other activities aside so as to concentrate solely on this book throughout the 18 months. I am happy with the content of this book, as well as the responses from people who read and use this book around the world. This book was also approved as a textbook in universities throughout 17 countries, for students of Business and Economic Strategy as well as Political Economy. Sometime after completing the book, I spent 14 months translating this book into Russian. To my surprise, it was not an easy task to translate my book to my native language! However, I saw I had no choice but to do it myself after receiving a trial translation of one of the chapters from a professional translator. Now I know for sure, that it is much better and more useful to read not only fiction, but professional texts as well, in their original languages if possible.

I finished the Russian translation in 2012 and it became the first Russian language book dedicated to Business Strategy in Emerging Markets.  This book was received to very good reviews from several major scholars and business leaders. I am especially proud of the review from Dr. Edmund Phelps, a Nobel Laureate in Economics, for which I am very grateful to him.
I am currently working on two new books, one of which will present the results of my research cooperation with a very accomplished Russian economist, Vladimir Okrepilov.

2. Teaching

In 2007, after approximately 20 years of professorship in Europe and the United States, I accepted an invitation from Dr. Nekipelov- director of Moscow State University’s Moscow School of Economics, to establish and lead the first department of Financial Strategy in Russia. Five years later, this is still the only such department in all of Russia, and there are only 18 similar teaching departments worldwide.

My colleagues and I, especially Dr. Murad Alimuradov, developed a brand new curriculum for this specialized program. We are very proud of the graduates of our department, some of whom have already gone on to reach high positions in the Russian government and in business. One of them is currently the Russian Minister of Energy and another one is the Deputy Minister of Agriculture.  

Since 2005 I have been teaching strategy at La Salle University in Pennsylvania, as well as at its other location in Basil, Switzerland. I use any occasion to share my knowledge in strategy and emerging markets with student and professionals in the countries which I visit especially towards this end, as well as countries which I visit to conduct my consulting and executive activities.  Throughout the last 3 years, I was giving lectures at various universities in the United States, England (London School of Economics, Imperial College, London), Scotland (Edinburgh University), Austria, Italy, Turkey, Albania, Ukraine and several Russian universities.

3. Consulting and Executive Activities

It seems to me, that for a strategist it is very important to continue to research simultaneously with teaching and using practical implementation of their knowledge. Such an approach enriches all 3 of these activities. Students believe and rely more on the opinion of professors if they are not only teaching, but using their knowledge in executive and consulting practices.

For three years, I have been working as the Global Head of Emerging Markets at one of the leading and largest architectural and planning firms in the world, RMJM. During this period, I have also been a part of the board of directors of several companies which belong to the shipping, agricultural, fishing, banking and retail industries. This professional activity provides me with new experiences upon which I draw in my analysis, research, teaching and writing.

As a board member of several organizations, I lend my assistance to nonprofit societal activities. The Brighton Ballet Theater in particular, which celebrated its 25thanniversary earlier this year, is an organization which is very important to me and to which I have been proud to lend my service as a chairman of the board, for over 10 years.

Finally, I cannot forget to mention the professional accomplishments of my two daughters, Elizaveta and Valeria. Time has passed very quickly since their graduations from higher education in 2004 and 2005 respectively. In this time, their success has been highly recognized: Elizaveta has already received 4 Emmy Awards and Valeria, despite her young age, also received recognition from the City of New York for her work in the Arts. They are both very creative and kind individuals.
I wish all the readers of my web site, happiness and success!

Vladimir Kvint

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