Dr Kvint's preface for "Financial Management: the Economic Essence, Financial Models and Tools"

Over the past 20 years, the Russian financial market has shown itself to be quite dynamic, with a high degree of instability. There is a considerable dependence on non-economic factors within the country and influence of the world financial system. It demonstrates a necessity to evolve the Russian national financial strategy and, in relation, the strategy of the companies co-operating with the Russian financial market.

The Moscow School of Economics of M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, has recently created a Financial Strategy Department for the purpose of developing the theory and methodology necessary to solve these problems. It is the first such Department in the country. One of the major disciplines in which the Department prepares students is “Financial Management.”

Since the founding of the Financial Strategy Department Murad Kamilovich Alimuradov, the leading teacher and Deputy Head of the Department, has been engaged in the development of the coursework. Utilizing his exceptional education from the School of Management at Tel-Aviv University, M.K. Alimuradov has systematized this challenging course, which will have enormous practical value in the future professional work of the students.

The study guide, entitled “Financial Management: the Economic Essence, Financial Models and Tools,” is M.K.Alimuradov’s first publication in this field and is the first methodical material provided by teachers of the Department to bachelor degree students, trained in the 080100 Economics program. This study guide facilitates students’ understanding of the subject and systematizes their efforts in studying “Financial Management.”

I wish to congratulate both M.K.Alimuradova and the students who will use this study guide with my endorsement. I recommend it to everyone who studies financial management.

Professor. Vladimir L. Kvint,
Head of the
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Moscow School of Economics
Financial Strategy Department,
Foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,

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