Book announcement: The Global Emerging Market - Strategic Management and Economics

“Professor Kvint’s views on economics are refreshingly incisive and productively challenging. His assessment of Emerging Markets, whilst based on deep intellectual analysis and years of experience are expressed in understandable and practical terms, which reflect his engaging and energetic personality. For those of us who do business around the world this book adds significant value.” Sir Fraser Morrison, RMJM Architecture New York-London


Understanding the Global Emerging Market is crucial in our current global financial crisis and Economist Vladimir Kvint, President of the International Academy of Emerging Markets, Bretton Woods Committee Member, Forbes Contributor and the first professor in Europe and the U.S. to teach a course on the GEM, explains why: “The current financial crisis has made it clear that the role of the Global Emerging Market (GEM) has increased tremendously, although most political and business leaders still don’t understand that emerging market countries (EMC’s) are part of the new phenomena of the Global Emerging Market. The current crisis shows that salvation can be found on the path of tighter cooperation with the GEM.” His new book, THE GLOBAL EMERGING MARKET: Strategic Management and Economics (Routledge, January 2009), is the first systematic work describing the Global Emerging Market. Dr. Kvint begins his book with a much needed definition of the GEM and the Global Business Order, the way that companies, countries and multilateral institutions cooperate with each other in the international order. Currently, companies from the developed countries appear in more than 80 emerging market countries. Products from the GEM already account for more than 45% of the World Economy output, which is why there is a need for a Global Business Order. THE GLOBAL EMERGING MARKET describes the GEM, as well as EMC’s in the Global marketplace and provides perspective on how to cooperate with these countries, both theory and practical suggestions for strategy with and within this market. Special attention is given to national and corporate investment strategies in the GEM with recommendations for how Bretton Woods institutions, the United States and other countries can build the new Global Order. The book also acts as a guide for international investors, describing opportunities in the GEM, classifications of the EMC’s, and theoretical and practical recommendations on how to develop corporate strategy toward the EMC—from implementation to an exit. Dr. Kvint’s THE GLOBAL EMERGING MARKET ultimately offers the revelation of a practical visionary, a deep analysis of major global trends, and a forecast for the Global marketplace until the middle of the 21st century. The book is oriented for business and political leaders, students, and general readers intrigued by the changing Global Order and the new roles of executives, government and multilateral institutions in the World Economy. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Economist and strategist Dr. Vladimir L. Kvint was the first professor in Europe and the United States to teach a course on the Global Emerging Market. He is currently the president of the International Academy of Emerging Markets (New York), a professor of management systems at LaSalle University's School of Business (Pennsylvania), and the chair of the Department of Financial Strategy of the Moscow State University's Moscow School of Economics. Dr. Kvint is a U.S. Fulbright Scholar, a member of the Bretton Woods Committee (Washington, DC), the Business Council for International Understanding—BCIU (New York), and a life-time Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
Dr. Kvint is consultant and the author of 21 books and more than 350 articles that have appeared in such publications as The Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Institutional Investor, The New York Times, World Policy Journal and Journal of Accountancy. His book, The Global Emerging Market in Transition (1999), was the subject of a special conference at the United Nations.
The Global Emerging Market: Strategic Management and Economics Routledge Press, January 2009

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